Top 5 Pregnancy Snacks


Touch wood, and all sorts of other superstitious stuff, I haven’t found myself fall victim to any weird pregnancy cravings – yet! However, in a bid to keep a balanced diet which is both healthy for baby and works for my IBS, I’ve found myself making some different and delicious snacks to keep me going throughout the day.

Celery and peanut butter

I love how crunchy celery is, and that it contains virtually 0 calories. But that’s not so great for baby. So, paired with peanut butter, not only am I packing protein into my snacking, I’m also getting one of my 5 a day. Plus, peanut butter makes anything taste great.

Crackers and cheese

Of course, you have to be careful what cheese you pair your crackers with here. I’m not fancy ,so cheddar and is fine with me, if not some creamy Philadelphia. The cheese contains a decent dose of calcium which is much-needed, and if you pair it with wholewheat or seeded crackers, you can get added fibre into your diet.

Fruit and yogurt

Not one for rocking the boat, the most adventurous I previously got with yogurts were Muller corners, or those ones with the fruit compote at the bottom. Now, just try stopping me from mixing it up! Greek yogurt is packed with protein, and can be mixed with pretty much any fruit to suit your preference. My favourites switch between strawberries, mango, pineapple or banana.

Grapes and dark chocolate

If, like me, you have a sweet tooth, chocolate is hard to resist. Dark chocolate is one of the lesser of all evils in terms of fat, milk and calorie content, but is still best enjoyed in moderation! To get my choco-fix, I have a few squares paired with a stalk of grapes, keeping me full whilst also squeezing another of my five-a-day in there!

Raw fruit bars

My go-to snack from Aldi at the moment is their raw fruit bars which come in a variety of flavours. Admittedly, they look as if they may be aimed at kids, but that doesn’t stop them from being delicious! Raw fruit bars come in packs of 5 (you can get individual bars at the till-points) and I’ve found them to be a handy snack to pop in your handbag if you’re on-the-go. Bonus points – they are a liquid-free yet healthy snack, so you can take them on the plane too!


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