Should dads-to-be receive Father’s Day gifts?

One observation I’ve made over the last year or two is that mums-to-be seem to now me catered for in the mother’s day market.

From Clinton’s to card factory, there was a choice of happy mothers day mum to be cards. It’s fair to say I also noticed this more prominently on social media with more and more friends having babies in the past couple of years.But now it seems that dads-to-be are muscling in on the action too. Card, stationery and gift shops are now starting to populate shelves with dad-to-be cards and gifts, and social media is awash with cute graphics and e-cards.

I mean, you’ve literally got a lifetime of mother’s and father’s days to look forward to from next year, so why not wait till the bundle of joy is here to give you it in person?

Growing a baby is hard

It did strike me as odd that you would get a mother’s day gift for someone who isn’t yet a mother. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and cheesy to put things like “thanks mummy can’t wait to meet you, love from bump” on the card but do we really need to also lavish them with gifts?

In fairness, growing a baby isn’t the easiest thing to do, and granted it’s a sweeter deal for some than others. However, all women make sacrifices to grow a child inside them, be it alcohol, a favourite food, or simply the body they’ve come to know and love. So I guess it’s fair to be rewarded for that.

In contrast, we could question what a man has done over the same period to deserve a thank you from bump. I mean, without him bump wouldn’t be here but unless he’s picked up his fair share or additional share of the housework (which he absolutely should), been run ragged at midnight trying to find obscure ice creams or soothed a hysterical mum to be thought a wildly emotional phase, I find it hard to justify the whole gift thing here.

Practical and useful for baby?

To me, if you insist on getting a fathers day gift for dad-to-be, it should be something that’s not only a cute reminder of your journey into parenthood, but something that will be practical and useful for baby. Maybe you can get a matching daddy/baby t-shirt and baby gro set? Or perhaps a keepsake that you both can treasure?
Maybe it’ll be something you envisage daddy using/doing – a nappy bin he’ll have to empty or feeding apparatus he’ll need when you’re not around.

When baby is still in the cooking stages, it seems like there’s so much more you could be doing, celebrating and ultimately spending your hard earned cash on, over a present for someone who hasn’t spent a day of their life being a parent as yet. So, sorry to my baby-daddy-to-be, you won’t be getting anything extra from me or bump today. Except maybe brunch, but that’s only coz you’re on night shift.

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