Mothercare Expectant Parent Event – Glasgow, 21st June

I’d heard great things about Mothercare expectant parent events, so was delighted to find one taking place on Wednesday 21st June.

As a natural sceptic I thought it might all be one big sales event, designed to promote the products Mothercare have on sale. And whilst there was of course a bit of that, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the night.

On arrival there were drinks and nibbles and friendly staff to explain exactly what was there on the night. All of the staff were really helpful and interested in our situation and needs, rather than just giving a pre-planned spiel.

Highlights included:

The other half trying on a baby bump

His initial reaction was that it was just like he’d eaten way too much but as the event reps added in more weight and got him to walk around, he conceded it wouldn’t be that easy to deal with that all day every day.

Finding out that baby on Board signs are actually indicators for paramedics

I’d previously thought this was just people’s way of either showing off or expecting otherwise irrational drivers would instead take care upon seeing the sign. Instead what I learned was far more interesting and useful. If you affix the baby on Board sign to the left of the rear window, paramedics will rush to that side in the event of an accident. It then is much more beneficial than I ever thought to have one of these signs, and to ensure your child sits on the side it’s displayed.

Child first aid
As someone who can barely bumble through adult first aid, the stall was one of my priorities over and above the talks. Very useful tips for first time or nervous parents about helping a baby or child that’s choking or having breathing difficulties.

There were many more highlights of the night, including 10% off vouchers for

attendees, plus a further 10% off Tommee Tippee products on the night. Not to mention a goody bag containing a glow in the dark Mam soother, breast pads, and cute pregnancy photo cards from Tommee Tippee.
I’d strongly encourage any expectant mother to attend, whether or not you’ve had a child before. If you don’t learn anything from all of the experts on hand, you’ll at least walk away with some discount vouchers which can be used at a later date.


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