Nescafe Gold – a pregnancy treat with no need to cheat

Caffeine (or lack of) is one of the first things mentioned by a midwife, well-meaning mother, and even complete stranger when it comes to pregnancy. Whilst it’s preferable to scale back the shots and dial up the decaf, us preggos are still allowed a little bit of caffeine in a day.


And what better treat to enjoy on occasion than Nescafe‘s new Gold range?  I was given a variety of these for free to review and report back on – the unsweetened cappuccino, the caramel latte and the double mocha. Admittedly, it’s no Costa or independent roasted coffee, but a girl will take what she can get within the 200mg limit. Plus, we all need treats to brighten up the work day and what better than one which can be made quickly and easily in the afternoon tea round?


DIY flavoured latte

The instructions on each are pretty simple – boil the kettle, let it cool to about 85 degrees (or, like me, wing it after about 5-10 mins in absence of a thermometer) and pour the boiling water over the pre-portioned sachet of Nescafe Gold. The perfect caramel latte it seems is simple; stir vigorously for a minute or so, wait 20 seconds then go back and stir some more. Leave to let the milk settle and there you have it, a quick, easy, homemade latte fix, right?

The good news is that it definitely didn’t taste as awful as some of the other powdered or packet coffees available. In fact, after a couple of tries, it’s actually pretty good! Once you get the stirring action, consistency and standing time right, you feel like you’ve made your own shop-bought latte!

nescafe-gold-mug-latteThe caramel latte was without a doubt my favourite from the bunch that I was given to try. Don’t get me wrong, the unsweetened cappuccino was a great quick-fix and something I could see myself drinking regularly throughout the day (when allowed higher daily doses of caffeine!) but for a real treat, the caramel latte was a winner. The double mocha was certainly an indulgence, but not something I’d probably go back to until the wintry weather kicks in and I’m in need of both a heat and a chocolate fix.

The new Nescafe Gold range is definitely something I’ll be going back to buy again, especially now my trips to Costa and other coffee shops will be few and far between with a newborn to look after soon!

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