Criteria check – good to go!

So bump and I have reached week 37 which means he’s now considered full term and can arrive at any moment (help!). In order for me to be eligible to give birth at the local community maternity unit over a consultant-led unit, I had to have what’s known as a criteria check, to ensure bump and I are well enough to deliver there.

A lot of this involved going through a checklist of what’s available at the hospital and whether or not that meets my wishes, expectations and of course is suitable for my health and well-being. Most this was discussed in the tour of the hospital the other half and I had a couple of weeks ago, which prompted me to think about the choice of where to give birth. As most things remained unchanged in terms of what I wanted, how I felt and how baby was progressing, the checklist was signed off by the midwife with no problems – so far so good.

Behaving baby

Part of the check is a routine ante-natal midwife appointment, where bump is measured, felt, and heart monitored. So far so normal. Everything appeared ok, and according to the midwife his head is two-fifths into my pelvis. Apparently this is a good and normal thing. Five-fifths means he’s engaged and could literally go any minute, so it’s good to know he’s taking his time for now!

Bad blood

All routine ante-natal checks proved normal (I will never get used to peeing in a bottle no matter how many times I’m asked), including my blood pressure which has been miraculously fine the whole way throughout pregnancy. This means that the only thing that could prevent me from having a “normal” birth in a community maternity unit is my blood results. My blood type is A+ (the only A plus I’ve ever had in life!), which doesn’t mean much on its own, but as long as the blood count remains over 105 I’ll be able to (hopefully) deliver nice and naturally with minimal intervention in a hospital which I’m told I could arrive before the midwives if I go into labour in the night!

So for now, anticipation is at bay, but all is good to go. My next check is not for another 2 weeks (where I’ll be just 1 week away from due date – eek!), although the midwife did tell me to feel free to go into labour sooner. If it’s all the same I think I’ll wait till I see her next – bump permitting!

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