Balance Me: Skincare to combat mask wearing


I don’t know about you, but since the UK lockdown was announced on 23rd March 2020, I’ve probably only wore makeup on about 3 occasions since then. Whilst my skin has definitely appreciated the break from the makeup, there’s no doubt I look more tired and peely-wally than usual. With nobody to really see me, it was a price I was happy to pay.

That was until I started getting random breakouts (probably stress induced) which only exacerbated when it was made compulsory to wear a mask in public settings in Scotland. I’m really lucky that I’ve only usually suffered stress or hormonal breakouts occasionally over the last few years, having nailed a quick skincare routine that works for me. However mask wearing has thrown a whole new curveball. It turns out that whatever I’m eating/drinking then breathing into a mask isn’t actually all that good for my face.

Luckily, I’ve found an amazing product for combating these mask-induced blemishes, thanks to Balance me – a 100% natural skincare brand. They believe in balancing work and life, that just five minutes of self-care for the skin can positively affect wellbeing. As a working mum, I’m all for working on myself in short, manageable chunks of time. The Balance me products I’ve discovered have been recommended entirely on my own opinion. I have not been paid or incentivised to write this, I have just had a great experience with the following two products:

Balance me PHa Clarifying Mist

I received this clarifying PHA mist in my May 2020 Birchbox, as part of their Bloomin’ Lovely box theme. the product itself is designed to gently exfoliate skin in order to keep away blemishes, block pores and brighten the complexion. At the time of receiving it, I was experiencing weird breakouts on my neck (never happened before lockdown, even in my teenage years!) so it was a welcome surprise. However the most surprising thing I found was that it immediately soothed pimples and breakouts which were occurring round my mouth from mask wearing. This is thanks to the zinc contained in the mist, which reduces redness and soothes skin.

Not only does the Clarifying Mist soothe blemishes, it also contains a number of antibacterial ingredients to hydrate, tackle shine and minimize pores, which is all really helpful for my particular skin type. I imagine the shine aspect probably goes down well with a lot of people in the summer as temperatures rise. I saw benefits of this product after just one use, and after a couple of weeks I can safely say it works wonders on my mask/breath tarnished skin.

Seem like a good buy? It will set you back £18 for a 30ml spray tube. The sample size I received from Birchbox is 7ml and has lasted me a couple of weeks, used most days. If you already subscribe to Birchbox, you can probably get a VIP members discount on this price, although it’s nice to support brands directly where possible.
Buy from Balance me / Buy from Birchbox

Balance me Wonder Eye Cream

Now, when it comes to mask wearing, there’s the bonus that half your face is covered so there’s probably half to do to look presentable, right? Well for me it means that more attention is drawn to my eyes, which are rather sleepless and puffy most days since birth of my bundle of joy in 2017 – not a good look. However, Balance me’s Wonder Eye Cream does exactly as it says on the tin and takes my eyes from mega bags to fresh as a daisy in a matter of minutes.

Full of lovely natural ingredients like chamomile, coconut, cucumber and carrot oils, it’s packed with goodness yet light enough for the skin to absorb without fuss. The combination of ingredients serve to soothe, brighten and revive tired eyes and you can feel the calming cucumber almost instantly.

If you’re a fellow tired mama who could do with this in her life, it’s £20 for a 15ml tube which in my book is worth it, especially if you’re not an everyday makeup wearer and need a fast fix for tired eyes. Plus, it’s currently on sale (at the time of publishing this post) on the Balance me site, so you can grab 20% off if you’re quick!

Buy from Balance me / Buy from Birchbox


34 thoughts on “Balance Me: Skincare to combat mask wearing

  1. My skin has really been breaking out since I’ve been wearing a mask more. I love these tips and I feel like they’re so relevant


    1. Even I haven’t worn any makeup ever since lockdown has started. Skin care is definitely important. I usually follow the CTR routine. This list is great. Thanks for the product recommendation.


  2. I love using mask and applying creams before I sleep. Eve since this quarantine started, I only wore makeup thrice and it’s been really good for my skin’s condition. Thank you for this!


    1. Oh this is about the masks and face coverings we have to wear to go in public settings during coronavirus. They have certainly made my skin change with more breakouts.


  3. Good tips and it’s important to keep my skin clean and dry, especially it’s so hot during summer! Thanks for sharing your insights. – Knycx Journeying


    1. I wish we had a hot summer here! Although that would just mean more skin problems lol. Hopefully you are able to manage your skin in the heat!


    1. It’s so important to take care of our skin, I feel that the masks/face coverings have given us something else to contend with! The eye cream is really good!


  4. Since the introduction of masks being normal every day practice I have paid so much more attention to the skincare of my face than before.


  5. It’s been such a longtime since I wore make up. The lockdown has changed a lot for us.a good skin care is very important. Thank you for sharing this post.


  6. I am with you! I think I’ve worn makeup exactly once since lockdown in March. Even so, my face broke out in a few places bc of the masks I wore. Thank you for sharing your experience with these products!


    1. No problem, hopefully it’s been helpful. It’s just such a faff wearing makeup now lol, especially if people only see half our faces!


  7. Since the pandemic, my make up remained untouched. Except for occasional face power, eyebrow liner and some lippy, but with masks, who puts on a lippy?! The wonder eye cream seems good to use. Thanks for this post!


  8. My skin has definitely taken a break. But it’s also been sweating through my mask. I keep joking that I’m going to lose weight in my face from my mask.


  9. Wearing a mask for longer hours does hurt our skin, but with proper skin care products, we can minimize the pimple effect. Good thing I only have to wear it when I need to be outside the house (in public) and not taking longer hours.


    1. Of course! I totally feel for people who have to wear the masks all day for their jobs. I’ve noticed my skin gets affected even going grocery shopping for just an hour!


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