10 super easy elf on the shelf ideas


Its that time of year again, those pesky elves are off their shelves and causing full havoc again. I’m not going to lie, this year I actually planned out a different elf activity in advance for every day in December.

This was partly because I’m at my happiest when planning and organising, and partly because I didnt want to end up like a headless chicken at 11pm trying to think of something for the elf to do. This year, Travis is much more aware of the elf (and the bribery of behaving for him is actually working too, so far!) so it was important for me to be able to follow through and not give up after a long day at work or something.

With that in mind, I knew I’d need some easy outs for days where crafty elving just seemed like too much effort. So here are 10 super easy Elf on the Shelf ideas for when you’re too tired/lazy/over it to be more creative:

elf-on-the-shelf-in-the-christmas-tree1. Hide in the Christmas tree
An easy one once your tree is up and it takes literally one second to set up. Just fire the pesky little guy in the tree somewhere and ask your kids if they can find him


2. Climbing window/walls on bows
I seen this one on Pinterest and have to admit, it’s genius. If you are a fan of adding bows to Christmas gifts then you’re sure to have some around at this time of year. Simply stick a few up the window or wall and place your elf on like he’s rock climbing.


elf-on-the-shelf-eating-advent-chocolate3. Eating advent chocolate
If your child has a chocolate advent character this is not only super easy, but means you get to score a chocolate from them as well!

4. Hiding by/knocking over decorations
Whether you have hanging decorations or other Christmas ornaments placed on window ledges and mantles, your elf can either hide, or for about 0.2 seconds more effort, can knock a decoration over or pull it down.


elf-on-the-shelf-letter-to-santa5. Letter to Santa
Another activity you’re probably already planning on doing which your kids, why not give the elf a letter and pencil, or better yet, have him scribble on your child’s letter


6. Loo roll snowflakes
You have toilet paper (unless there’s some other lockdown panic buying episode near you) and you have scissors. Go for gold and cut up some loo roll in random shapes and voila, you have snowflakes


elf-on-the-shelf-riding-line-of-cars7. Ride a line of cars/other toys
Bonus points for even less effort if it means you don’t have to tidy as much of your kids’ toys up when they go to bed. Double winner!

8. Hiding in the stocking
Probably best saved for nearer Christmas, dig out the stocking, pop the elf in and that’s literally it.



9. Wrapping paper legs
A classic – grab your wrapping paper rolls and put it to good use before you get knee deep in sellotape.

10. Christmas eve box
Ok so this is based on a fairly new tradition and not everyone does this, but it’s an easy last one if you were planning on giving your child a Christmas Eve box anyway.




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