5 things to do in the second trimester


Its hard to believe we’re past the halfway mark with baby M number 2. Time sure flies when you’re pregnant in a pandemic!

Despite the circumstances, I’m determined to learn from past pregnancy and forge some good habits this time round. Now that the morning sickness has subsided and I’m feeling more human (as human as you can do whilst ballooning and hiding from a virus) there’s no excuse not to try the following five things to make the rest of the pregnancy and post-partem period as pleasant as possible.

Exercise twice a week
I managed to do this first time round but I’ll confess im struggling right now. Whether it’s the fact it’s winter or if its down to the pandemic meaning gyms and group classes are closed, or just finding those precious moments to myself to work out at home, its been more difficult to stick to an exercise routine this time around. I’m trying to go for a big walk on days when the weather allows but ideally I’ll get something like Clubbercise and some strength exercises in too, as these are my favourite.

Establish a healthy snack routine
A balanced diet is important for me whether pregnant or not, as an IBS sufferer I’ve got to be careful what I eat and do so in moderation. I’m not a fan of denying myself a treat, but lately its been a lot of the sugary, less-nutritious snacks and not so much of the fruit and veg on my plate. When I was suffering bad morning sickness, everything was a beige carb. So its fair to say its time to get some goodness back in my body and have a healthy habit before baby gets too big and snacks are all I can have!

Find and buy good skincare
Last time round I sampled some freebies of stretch mark creams and wasn’t really sure what I was doing. My skin was absolutely fine until baby was born and I started breastfeeding – for me it was the dramatic weight loss rather than gain that sparked the stretch marks. Luckily I didn’t get too many but this time I want to be prepared and get myself into a proper skincare routine once baby is born so my body can return to something resembling normal quite easily.

Get more sleep and take more rest
This one is so hard in a pandemic but so necessary. It’s hard trying to fit everything in all in the one day as it is, but when you’re gradually getting slower and bigger, normal tasks take so much longer meaning there’s actually less time to rest. Which is ironic as my big heavy body needs more rest from doing less work.

What I find most difficult to do though is to let things go. The amount of anxiety I feel when things aren’t clean or tidy properly is unreal. With a virus around I’m more germ conscious than before but with Hinch mania over the last few years I’m also worried that I’m never clean enough. As if the queen of clean might be doing door to door spot checks making sure your house is up to par and judging you if not!

But as this isn’t my first rodeo, I also know that no matter how much I clean and tidy, things will still need wiped, disinfected and washed, and there will be even less sleep to be had once a newborn gets here. So best to make the most of it now, whether its an earlier bedtime or short lie down in the afternoon.

Talk about baby more with T
This one is especially important to me as obviously there was no sibling rivalry or anything to worry about first time round. Travis was not keen on the idea of a sibling at all and when he was slowly starting to warm to the idea, we found out we were expecting a girl. But a sister is the last thing he wants, so he’s told me.

While there’s nothing any of us can really do about that, we can talk about pregnancy and his sister with him more. Nine months is a long time for a woman to be pregnant and its even longer for a toddler to comprehend anything. I’m confident his understanding will change as he grows and we talk about things more, so hopefully the transition from a three to a four won’t be too tricky to negotiate.


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