Lockdown mother’s day gifts


As we approach another Mother’s Day in lockdown, it only seemed right to share a list of gifts your child can give to a mother or grandmother on this special day.

We may not be able to go anywhere or do very much, but there’s no reason children and even toddlers can’t get creative or learn about the importance of appreciating their mothers or other female influences. Here’s a list of ways your child can help celebrate mum, with some involving crafting and creativity and others just a little thought into what mum might love.

*Disclaimer – there are no sponsored suggestions or affiliate links here, just all plain ideas and opinions from myself.

Dine at home box
In the absence of being able to go for a nice Sunday lunch for Mother’s Day, a lot of restaurants have been offering the opportunity to experience their meals at home, with a dine-in box that can be delivered to your door. Of course depending on the age of your little one, this probably needs parental supervision when it comes to cooking, but it’s a nice way to experience the good food of mum’s favourite restaurant without being able to physically go there. Alternatively, restaurants relatively close by tend to offer delivery options so you could always supersize your takeaway with an already-made meal delivered to the door if cooking is a bit adventurous.
Where to buy? Check sites like Itison, Wowcher etc for local deals, visit your favourite restaurant website or see delivery sites and apps like Just Eat for cooked delivery options.

Spa at home
There’s a theme starting here – if mum can’t get out to experience it, bring the joy to her! Why not make voucher and buy spa or pamper set from your local chemist or body care store? Bonus points for setting up the bathroom with a do not disturb sign, some candles and some treatment options. Kids can also get involved painting nails or hair styling for an added pamper treat.
Where to buy? Any craft shop for the supplies required to make the spa voucher, plus check out gift sets and offers on Superdrug, Boots, Lush or The Body Shop for pamper treats.

Letterbox cocktails
For the mum that loves a cocktail but can’t get to her favourite bar with friends. Again, lots of bars – local and otherwise – are offering the option to deliver cocktails to your door, to give you that funky flavour without having to learn to become a mixologist yourself. An ideal treat for mum, the letterbox cocktails could be paired with an invite to a Zoom evening with the besties for added thought.
Where to buy? Again, check sites like Itison, Wowcher etc for local deals, or visit your favourite bar’s website.

Colour party
This is a lovely gift idea that toddlers and younger children might enjoy participating in. Find out mum’s favourite colour if you don’t know already and then source lots of little treats that colour. Grab a gift box or hamper box and collect things from sweets, treats and flowers to accessories like a new scarf or hair band. Why not decorate with balloons, banners and streamers in the same lovely colour.
Where to buy? Craft stores like Hobbycraft are good for the boxes or hampers to start with, then it really depends on what mum likes as to where you shop!

Scrapbook for mum
A scrapbook is a lovely way to share your favourite memories together. Kids can choose some great times with mum and it serves as a lasting keepsake for that snapshot in time. Within the scrapbook kids can also add in notes on the memories from the photograph or reasons why they love mummy.
Where to buy? I recently made a lovely scrapbook online with Mixbook but there are loads of places that allow you to create digital albums or you could go old-school and do the cutting and pasting yourself.

We love mum box
Similarly a “we love mum” box can contain a few of her favourite things (it doesn’t need to be expensive perfume or fancy things, it could simply be favourite biscuit or favourite flower) along with reasons why you love mummy. This is a thoughtful gift that doesn’t involve spending lots but offers a lot of gratitude for all that mummies do.
Where to buy? Hobbycraft is great for a nice box which can also be decorated with nods to mum, plus you’ll find some lovely paper/card and pens to write the reasons.

All you need for these gifts is pen, paper and your imagination

TV pass
With nowhere to go and not much to do, TV is pretty much a way of life right now. So why not create a TV pass specifically for mum – whether its for her favourite TV show or a set time of day that mum gets to control the TV and nobody gets to utter a peep, this chance to switch off would be much welcome. Bonus points if your pass comes with a free cuppa.

Ask dad pass
Or ask auntie, uncle, grandad or whoever is a significant other adult present. We know mums often bear the brunt of the kiddy requests, from wiping bums to getting snacks or helping with homework, so why not let mum have a day off with an “Ask Dad” pass?

Housework vouchers
Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate mums and let them have a day off from normality. What could be better than not having to do any housework or chores for the day? Not having to do them at a random time after Mother’s Day, that’s what! Why not make a booklet of vouchers with chores which match kids’ age and ability, allowing mum to redeem when she just can’t face folding another load of laundry or washing another set of dinner dishes.

Mum pass
Unlike the Dad pass, this is a free pass to do whatever makes mum happy. No matter if that’s time to paint her nails, go for a run, meet a friend for a walk or get lost in a good book, a mum pass gives mum the gift of time and peace to enjoy something that’s just for mum.


Breakfast in bed
This one never fails and gives kids the opportunity to help out while mum gets a rare lie-in. From toast to full fry-up, gluten free to vegan, mums everywhere will appreciate the sentiment of breakfast in bed, and better still it’s something you can knock up with things you already have at home.

Spring flowers are starting to bloom so why not surprise mum with a bunch of daffodils or tulips? Depending on your budget, you could go for a hand crafted bouquet from a florist or local supermarket bunch. Alternatively, you could buy some bulbs or planters and let the kids help mum care for them to watch them bloom.

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