Things to say goodbye to in the third trimester


Everybody always warns you about the things you’ll have to say goodbye to once you have kids. From romantic holidays to peaceful bathroom trips, the list of things that change post-baby is well documented, but not many people let you in on what things you’ll start to say goodbye to when you’re pregnant.

Here’s a list of 10 things you probably took for granted, but which you’ll have to say goodbye to in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Your feet
This goes without saying, as your bump gets bigger, the view of the floor gets smaller. And it’s not just looking down that you’ll notice your feet disappear. As baby grows, you’ll find it more difficult to get yourself into a position to cut or paint your toenails. Around 32 weeks it’s best if you just let someone else assume that responsibility!

Unless you have a huge bath or spa at home, the appeal for a nice long soak starts to wear off when it takes you longer to get in and 15 minutes plus a military operation to get out again. And that’s taking for granted you got everything ready before you got in and don’t need to climb or stretch for a specific soap or scrub.

Anything that falls on the floor
By about week 30 the decision is made whether the dropped item is worth the effort or not and by week 35 there’s just no real reason to pick it up unless it can literally save your life.

Your lung capacity
As baby grows it takes up more and more space inside you, squishing your internals out the way until you need to take a rest just from climbing the stairs

A full night’s sleep
Whether it’s violent kicking, heartburn, reflux, or the incessant need to pee every single hour, there’s no way you’re getting a solid 8 hours any more.


A full dinner plate
In the same way that your lungs are getting squashed, so is your digestive tract. Despite being permanently ravenous enough to eat an elephant, you’ll have to settle for smaller portions and grazing. Or, you could get creative and give yourself 2 lunches and 2 dinners

Long outdoor ventures
Although midwives will tell you to keep exercising and walking is the most free and practical way to do this when you start to resemble a weeble, be sure not to venture too far or for too long. You are a slave to your bladder now. Since everywhere is shut due to the pandemic, stay close to home unless you enjoy toileting Al fresco!

Fashionable shoes
This one goes hand in hand (or foot in foot?) With saying goodbye to your feet. Fashionable shoes are often not as practical or forgiving as more casual numbers like trainers or flip flops. However your swelling feet may mean you don’t have a choice but to ditch the designer or dainty shoes.

The ending of films or TV shows
The tiredness really ups its ante in the third trimester, particularly if you’re not getting a full night’s sleep. If like me, you still think you can put a film on after 9 and make it to the end, then you may just have to say goodbye to knowing the outcome of any movie for the next few weeks.

A quick chore or errand
There’s no such thing as a five minute task any more, not when your walk is more akin to a waddle. Climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car and even getting off the sofa all take longer, so be prepared to factor extra time into any sort of chore, task or journey that involves movement!


14 thoughts on “Things to say goodbye to in the third trimester

  1. Love this! Especially the last one. In your third trimester it is so hard to move fast and get anything done efficiently


    1. Haha right? Especially as our bath has taps in the middle rather than head or foot, it’s tricky to get a good hand position to get out!


    1. Haha thank you! I’ve always wondered how it must seem from a guy’s perspective, watching all these changes happen.


  2. I’m not a mom yet, but I thought the third trimester was supposed to be the easiest, but it would make way more sense if that wasn’t the case. Super informative post, thank you πŸ™‚


    1. I’d say the second trimester has been the easiest for me both times, less sickness and not too big. But everyone is different I suppose!


    1. Aww that’s good, everyone is different! I found that the second trimester was my favourite both times round, I just generally felt better had more energy and wasn’t too big to do a lot of things so it worked out good for me.


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