Artelac Every Day Eye Drops – review

I’ve been lucky enough not to need to bother about my eyes too much in my 30+ years, however having worked with computers for over a decade now, I’ve noticed my eyes getting periodically itchy and dry from lots of screen time. This has been exacerbated in the past year by working from home, spending longer in front of screens, and particularly in winter, central heating and lack of fresh air taking their toll on the peepers.
artelac-every-day-eye-drops-package-and-productSo imagine my delight when I was gifted Artelac Every Day Hydrating Eye Drops to review. Having never used anything other than medically prescribed eye treatments (yay, conjunctivitis), I wasn’t sure just how much to expect when using the drops, but figured it was better than carrying on doing nothing with my itchy eyes!
Please note that this product was gifted to me in exchange for a review. This in no way affects the content of my review or my personal opinion of this product.
The drops promise fast and lasting relief from symptoms of dry eyes, with no limit on how often you can use them (though if you were constantly having hand to eye action all day it might be worth seeking medical advice for something stronger or more efficient!)
Despite the product guidance noting that you are able to use it as much as you like throughout the day, I found that I only needed to use the drops once or twice – though this might vary depending on how bad your symptoms are. For me it got rid of any issues pretty quickly and kept them at bay for some time.
Although I don’t wear glasses or contact lenses, Artelac Every Day Eye Drops are very mild with no preservatives so are great for lens-wearers or those with more sensitive skin too.
Where to buy:
Artelac Every Day Eye Drops are available to purchase from Superdrug as well as the usual online suspects like Amazon
My verdict:
I would definitely recommend this product for people like myself who sit at screens all day or have noticed drier eyes as a result of working from home, heating or air conditioning drying out your eyes.
I’m thankful I’ve managed to avoid any eye problems so far in the 30+ years of my life, and after confirming my eyes are still in good condition (thank you free NHS eye tests), these drops are a great way to keep pesky irritations caused by everyday life at bay.

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