Waiting for baby to arrive


One of the best and most anxious times in life has to be waiting on baby to arrive. The glorious moment when you’re on maternity leave, ready to nest and rest but also eagerly awaiting the chance to meet and hold your little bundle of joy.

Of course throughout this conflict of rest and readiness to be a mother, there’s the anticipation of waiting for the inevitable labour and birth. Whether you’ve booked in for an elective section, aim to go naturally, need to be induced or something in between, there’s no denying that it can be a nerve-wracking time just waiting. Here are five things I’m doing whilst waiting (rather impatiently, it has to be said) on baby Murray 2 to arrive:

Books and also pregnancy literature. Since coronavirus came to Scotland, I’ve reignited my love for reading. With not much else to do during lockdowns, and still some places not open as restrictions ease, I’ve found myself turning to books for an escape and an education. Realistically, I know that in a couple of weeks time I’ll be too tired to prop a book open never mind take in the words on the page, so I’m trying to cram as much as I can in before the snuggles and sleep deprivation. Plus I need to refresh my memory on breastfeeding and labour breathing and all the important things that seemed so far away before but are now so imminent.

Suddenly nothing seems clean enough or tidy enough to welcome a shiny newborn. I’ve been hoovering out storage baskets, taking the big bits like winter duvets to the drycleaners (now they are open again, thankfully!) and rearranging the kitchen cupboards because they have become too messy for my liking. I’ve also been undertaking my least favourite chore – ironing – to ensure all baby’s little cute outfits are as wrinkle-free as possible.

I’m slowly trying to get through all the samples I’ve received from Birchboxes and birthday gifts. In day to day life there’s never enough time to commit to trying out all of the products but this limbo between work and waters breaking means I can dedicate more time to trying out new skincare, makeup and beauty products I already have at home. By the time the pubs reopen, I’ll hopefully look like a new woman rather than a tired newborn mother!

They say that you should keep active throughout pregnancy, plus the old wives takes suggest that walking or moving upright help baby get to the right position to be ready for labour. As I’m now at the point of fed up, I’m making a point of having at least a half hour walk every day (with the exception of when freak snow in May stops me). I had been going for at least hour-long walks 2-3 times a week leading up to maternity leave but I’m finding that I’m just getting too slow and stiff, or needing a wee too soon to be doing that every day, so that’s been relegated to once a week!

Getting maternity photos taken
If you’d asked me at the time of my first pregnancy I would have been mortified at the thought of a pregnancy photo shoot. The truth is I wasn’t confident in my body and ashamedly I wasn’t as proud or accepting of how amazing the female body is and all it can do during pregnancy.
This time round it was a different story, and when our (should have been) wedding photographer (it will happen one day!) Offered to do a maternity shoot I jumped at the chance. The photos are awesome and I’d encourage anyone in the West Dunbartonshire area looking for maternity shots to give Lauren Campbell a call.


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