Potty Training A Toddler During Lockdown

Back in February, when everyone was still going about their lives freely, I was tentatively worrying about potty training. Going into parenting I always said it was the bit I was least looking forward to - how do you teach someone to wee or poo into a hole?! It was always something that worried me… Continue reading Potty Training A Toddler During Lockdown

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10 simple toddler crafts and messy play

It feels like there are loads of articles and daily inspiration full of ideas to help you and your kids get through lockdown. On one hand, I apologise for adding to the list. On the other, I've shared stuff I've found easy enough for crafting novices like myself to try. This quick top 10 is… Continue reading 10 simple toddler crafts and messy play

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Father’s Day Gifts for Lockdown

Last year for Father's Day I was looking for things my toddler (not quite 2 at the time) could help make, or be a part of. It turns out that some of those Homemade Father's Day Gifts for Kids actually go quite well in lockdown. So for anyone struggling for a gift idea this year,… Continue reading Father’s Day Gifts for Lockdown

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Becoming more eco-friendly in lockdown

I'm never sure what the latest buzzword is when talking about being kinder to the planet - reducing my carbon footprint? Yes, I'm certainly trying to do that. Net zero carbon - feels like a made up BoJo phrase. Environmentally-friendly is good but a bit old-school, not to mention a pain to spell, so I've… Continue reading Becoming more eco-friendly in lockdown

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Native Unearthed charcoal deodorant balm review

During lockdown I've taken some time to start using a number of products I'd previously received in Birchboxes, partly down to the guilt of not using them and partly to ensure I'm using what I have before I embark on the laborious journey to the shops for what I might already have in a cupboard.… Continue reading Native Unearthed charcoal deodorant balm review


Real Things Toddler Mums are Facing During Lockdown

A wee bit of humour with a little list of just some of the things toddler mums are facing while we're in lockdown. No offence meant, just a bit of light relief!   Dishes. So many dishes. I've not even finished the breakfast dishes and there are more plates, cups and cutlery creeping towards me… Continue reading Real Things Toddler Mums are Facing During Lockdown

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How I’m Surviving Lockdown as a Toddler Mum

I've been thinking a lot about the UK lockdown lately, and my very mixed feelings about it all. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy this somewhat forced family/household time but that doesn't mean its easy - especially if you work full time and have a toddler. The main way I've been trying to survive… Continue reading How I’m Surviving Lockdown as a Toddler Mum

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Indoor games for toddlers

So this is the first time I've really felt inspired to write all year, mainly due to planning an impending wedding which was promptly cancelled at the 11th hour due to COVID-19 restrictions! Suddenly, I've found myself with some spare time now I'm not organising table plans or making decorations and favours. It has been… Continue reading Indoor games for toddlers

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Santa at The Falkirk Wheel

This year we've been on a bit of a Mission Santa now that Travis is a bit older and has more of an understanding of the festive season. We've been trying to open up to as many festive experiences as possible, preferably meeting Santa if possible. Last year we had a bit of a hurdle… Continue reading Santa at The Falkirk Wheel

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Does a 2 year old need a tablet?

As we get closer to the festive season, I've been wondering what on earth to get Travis for his third (!!) Christmas. With his birthday in October, I start to feel at a loss of what to get. We are so fortunate to have such a loving network of friends and family that spoil Travis,… Continue reading Does a 2 year old need a tablet?