The Arrival of Baby M

Despite his due date of 27th September, Baby M decided to make a dramatically late entrance to the world on 6th October 2017. A whole 9 days late, I was beginning to think he would never come out. Or worse still - the whole pregnancy was a rouse and I actually justgot really fat! But [...]

Breastfeeding: the problematic attitude in the NHS

I recently attended my local ante-natal class on breastfeeding, held at the community maternity unit of my local hospital. I've never felt particularly strongly either way about breastfeeding, so my goal in attending was to find out as much information as possible to make the best informed decision for my circumstances. Breast is Best We [...]

Top 5 Pregnancy Snacks

Top 5 Pregnancy Snacks

Touch wood, and all sorts of other superstitious stuff, I haven't found myself fall victim to any weird pregnancy cravings - yet! However, in a bid to keep a balanced diet which is both healthy for baby and works for my IBS, I've found myself making some different and delicious snacks to keep me going [...]